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Bean Scene Pakistan

Plastic Cone Brewer

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Brewing a classic pour over at home shouldn't cost a fortune, which is why we wanted to introduce this new cone brewer at a more reasonable price point!
  • These brewing guides are exactly that, a guide for how we think this blend makes a great cup of coffee. We’d love for you to experiment with the amount of coffee you use for a cup and we’re excited to learn new techniques and methods from your brewing. Enjoy!

    what you'll need:

    - Delicious, freshly ground coffee

    - A good grinder

    - The right equipment for your brew

    - A kitchen scale

  • Filter/V60

    (brews one 8 oz. or 240 ml cup)

    - 16g coffee, medium fine

    - 250g water

    - 92°C water

    - 1:2 bloom for 30 sec

    - Split the remaining pour into two

    - Swirl the brewer once

    - If brewing iced, use 18g coffee at a slightly finer grind size and add 100g of ice to the carafe before starting the brew.

    - Pour the remaining 150g at 92°C through your dripper over ice.

    - Let the brew sit for a few minutes, then serve with ice.

  • Espresso

    (double shot)

    - 17.5g coffee, espresso grind (texture should feel like flour)

    - Prepare the portafilter and espresso machine, dose 17.5g into portafilter, distribute and tamp

    - Aim for a 25s shot with a 35-36g liquid out

    - Adjust grind size as necessary 

    Enjoy as is, add to lattes, americanos, affogatos or countless other espresso drinks.

  • French Press

    (brews about 2 8 oz cups or 480ml)

    - 15g coffee medium-coarse grind (texture like chunky pink salt)

    - 500ml water

    - Pre-heat the french press with boiled water, add coffee once dry

    - Boil water - let it cool down for about a minute (92°C)

    - Add water to french press, let it steep for 4 minutes

    - After 4 minutes, stir the coffee crust on the top

    - Recommended: remove the bits of coffee floating on the top with two spoons

    - For the best experience, wait 5-8 minutes to let the coffee cool down slightly and brew till perfection

    - Plunge the french press only till the surface of the liquid, use as strainer

    - Pour into a cup, enjoy!

  • Cold Brew

    (brews about 4 8 oz cups or 900 ml)

    - 100g coffee, coarse grind (coarser than french press)

    - 1L water

    - Combine water and grounds in a sealed container and leave in the fridge for 12 hours. 

    - Filter out the grounds with a cheesecloth  and serve with a few ice cubes.

    - If you enjoy your cold brew with milk you may want to go with a stronger ratio so the end product doesn’t become watered down! 

  • Moka Pot

    - Grind coffee slightly coarser than espresso

    - Fill the moka pot basket fully with grounds - do not press down

    - Fill the water chamber right up to the valve with hot water off the boil

    - Place moka pot on stove at low heat

    - Keep the lid open so you can see the coffee brewing

    - As soon as the spout shows bubbly coffee coming out, pour into a cup/server to avoid burnt coffee

    - Pour into a cup, add milk as you like and enjoy! 

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