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Bean Scene Pakistan

Beanس Two Birds Blend

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This is Bean Scene's very own house blend, made for everyone and everything! Whether you drink your coffee as an espresso or filter brew, with or without milk, you will thoroughly enjoy it's balanced acidity and body!

Brew Method: Filter & Espresso

For the aficionados: 

Countries Ethiopia (80%), Colombia (20%)
Region Sidamo, Quindio
Producer -
Variety Heirloom, Castillo
Altitude 1600-2000 MASL
Processing Washed
Tasting Notes Balanced body, sweet lingering acidity, melon, cocoa nibs
  • These brewing guides are exactly that, a guide for how we think this blend makes a great cup of coffee. We’d love for you to experiment with the amount of coffee you use for a cup and we’re excited to learn new techniques and methods from your brewing. Enjoy!

    what you'll need:

    - Delicious, freshly ground coffee

    - A good grinder

    - The right equipment for your brew

    - A kitchen scale

  • Filter/V60

    (brews one 8 oz. or 240 ml cup)

    - 16g coffee, medium fine

    - 250g water

    - 92°C water

    - 1:2 bloom for 30 sec

    - Split the remaining pour into two

    - Swirl the brewer once

    - If brewing iced, use 18g coffee at a slightly finer grind size and add 100g of ice to the carafe before starting the brew.

    - Pour the remaining 150g at 92°C through your dripper over ice.

    - Let the brew sit for a few minutes, then serve with ice.

  • Espresso

    (double shot)

    - 17.5g coffee, espresso grind (texture should feel like flour)

    - Prepare the portafilter and espresso machine, dose 17.5g into portafilter, distribute and tamp

    - Aim for a 25s shot with a 35-36g liquid out

    - Adjust grind size as necessary 

    Enjoy as is, add to lattes, americanos, affogatos or countless other espresso drinks.

  • French Press

    (brews about 2 8 oz cups or 480ml)

    - 15g coffee medium-coarse grind (texture like chunky pink salt)

    - 500ml water

    - Pre-heat the french press with boiled water, add coffee once dry

    - Boil water - let it cool down for about a minute (92°C)

    - Add water to french press, let it steep for 4 minutes

    - After 4 minutes, stir the coffee crust on the top

    - Recommended: remove the bits of coffee floating on the top with two spoons

    - For the best experience, wait 5-8 minutes to let the coffee cool down slightly and brew till perfection

    - Plunge the french press only till the surface of the liquid, use as strainer

    - Pour into a cup, enjoy!

  • Cold Brew

    (brews about 4 8 oz cups or 900 ml)

    - 100g coffee, coarse grind (coarser than french press)

    - 1L water

    - Combine water and grounds in a sealed container and leave in the fridge for 12 hours. 

    - Filter out the grounds with a cheesecloth  and serve with a few ice cubes.

    - If you enjoy your cold brew with milk you may want to go with a stronger ratio so the end product doesn’t become watered down! 

  • Moka Pot

    - Grind coffee slightly coarser than espresso

    - Fill the moka pot basket fully with grounds - do not press down

    - Fill the water chamber right up to the valve with hot water off the boil

    - Place moka pot on stove at low heat

    - Keep the lid open so you can see the coffee brewing

    - As soon as the spout shows bubbly coffee coming out, pour into a cup/server to avoid burnt coffee

    - Pour into a cup, add milk as you like and enjoy! 

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